Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fate of Wednesday Poems

Well Dear Reader (I just finished re-reading Jane Eyre today, so please excuse the reference to "dear reader"--had to), the year is over. When I began Wednesday Poems, it was only meant as an experiment; to see if I could remain faithful to a poetry practice, however small, for one year. I did it. I didn't ever miss a Wednesday, although once or twice I forgot until later in the afternoon. So, there it is. A year of poems written on Wednesdays. I do not plan to all out abandon this blog. I do still intend to post poems, but I don't think I will index them on the left. The index will be only for the true Wednesday Poems of the experiment. I shall now write poems when the spirit moves and as time and space allow, whatever the day of the week it happens to be. This too will be an experiment. If six months goes by without a new poem, well then, I may have to returned to the more disciplined practice of a poem every week.

Thanks for reading Wednesday Poems.


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