Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sleeping Fish

Snow falls gently in the gray-yellow morning sky.
Large flakes that try to crack into my low mood,
encourage me to have hope and to know that all
things happen for a reason--although we may not
see or understand the reason while still on this side.

Sometimes, understanding finds us, all of a sudden,
overtakes the downtrodden heart, stuck boot
releasing from the cold, wet, mire. Sometimes it
comes by giving others grace and understanding,
for their human imperfections and flaws.

Oh, yes. End January, end. Take your snow falls,
endless, and bitter cold and move off into the
Southern Hemisphere with us spinning closer to
our life source. Oh sun. Bring in milder temps,
kinder emotions; days of thaw, of water . . .

trickling down
the curb
to feed
the sleeping fish.

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