Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dancing Across the Water

you take the detached key
and put it back on my ring

you watch and smile as I
dance to Cortez the Killer*

we pull out the slumbering
pieces of ourselves on the
Arundel sleeping porch

you tell me you might want
to keep me. I think I might
want to be kept, for once.

we drink the famous port
during a December storm

we take three days to love
on each other, fire and snow

You love me to this day--
simple, true, pure and my
fractured heart is known.

*Note to readers: If you follow the Cortez link above, please ignore the crazy, ignorant comments about Neil Young's portrayal of history (please, it's all songwriting and metaphor) and just go to the small YouTube clip on the right hand side of the page. If you click all the way through to YouTube, you can watch Neil Young doing the most amazing version of this song, with some beautiful lilting guitar work. I'd place this performance circa 1976 because there are some funny Star Wars sand creatures dancing on the side of the stage.

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