Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tex (ting) the (an)

The woman still did not have
a phone that allowed for easy
texting. Instead she had to be
insistent with buttons, hitting
three letters before the right one,
sometimes missing and cycling
through again. She always
hated when a business posted
its number in letters, as in
She didn't even know how to
type a period, only commas,
but she still managed to tie
her thumbs to her swollen heart.

"words exchanged all night
with sighs and legs
slung over legs
arms crossing arms
sweet tea, sweet guy,
sweet love
long after Bon Jovi won,
long after soft words
melted into soft skin and the
slow breath of two souls

And it was enough for he
opened up his big heart wide
and she slipped her hand
through his, for always
because finally she recognized
this deep well of connection,
this truest of companions
where there would only be
commas and "ands;"
perhaps even an occasional
"but;" never, though, a period.

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